Saturday, August 3, 2013

BTS: Supply Haul♡

          I am back with another BTS post. This one is all about my school supplies. And where would I go to get all of these materials? Target, of course! I like to call it Tarjayyy but some people are like "What's that?" so we'll just stick with Target.

          I'm that girl that will write in colorful pens and will highlight everything in different colors. The weird thing is that I do not like coloring, I don't know why, I just find it boring. I feel like now, teachers make us color more than in elementary school. 

          I usually don't care about caring for my textbooks because I'm usually really careful with them but I just couldn't pass up cute bookcovers! 

          Like I said, I love pens! I've had my eye on those Sharpie Pens but they're just too over priced. Target really does have it all because I saw Sharpie Pens for $1 each! Not only were they regular pens, they were pink and purple! Girly, much? ;D

         Another exciting thing I got was an agenda. Every year I make it my goal to actually use it. I have to because last year I started forgetting assignments and I had to wing it at the last minute, which was zero fun. I'm ready to color-code my agenda and put cute pictures on the cover. 

          I do not want to go back to school but I definitely do enjoy the shopping! Who's going back to school? High school, college? What are your favorite school supplies to shop for? 

I hope you all beautiful people enjoyed this post!

With Lots of Love,

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