Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Confidence Boosting Trend?♡

          2013 has been the year I've heard the term "Pop of Color" the most. I feel like every style segment on a magazine or talk show mentions it. I think that POC is a beautiful trend. I feel like it gives women a slight boost of confidence. A bold color doesn't have to be of only jeans or a blazer, it could be of a pair of earrings, or even a pair of shoes!
          With POC, I feel like it's more about the risk you're taking. You can play with it and make it your own. You could wear a bright pair of jeans and look fabulous but super laid back. Maybe use a POC with a classic color, like red. If you feel like you want to tone it down, then a bold pair of shoes is perfect for you. It's not too much, yet you still look like you took hours putting the outfit together. 

         Let's say you're an edgy girl but you want to go for a more...sophisticated look, go with your classic leather jacket but make it a light color. The edginess of the design of the jacket and the color balance out perfectly. You're using POC and still sticking with your style. 

         If I'm quite honest, POC intimidates me a little. You would think its hard to pull it off but all you need is a bright color that reflects your bright smile. Be confident. I was! Let's just say that there's a bright pair of blue jeans in my closet...

With Lots of Love,

[Do you like this trend?  Have you tried it, if not, would you?  What's your favorite thing to use bright colors with?]

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  1. I love wearing bright colours! They're so fun and full of personality :)

  2. I always try to wear something colourful and stay away from just wearing the same old plain colours, being honest it intimidates me a bit too!

    Kay x